Quick Specs

Maximum Bucket Capacity
2.1 cu.m.
Maximum Engine Power
112 kW (150hp)
Maximum Operating Weight
12000 kg

432ZX Plus

The most established loader of the industry has now even more to offer. Now equipped with advanced features, the 432ZX Plus Wheeled Loader offers commendable fuel-efficiency and low maintenance. Designed with a promise to deliver way beyond than you are used to, the best is now a step ahead.

Be assured of machine’s Service, Operation and Security with the advanced Telematics system called LiveLink.

SERVICE: LiveLink will notify you about the service requirement of your machine. It increases the efficiency of your machine and keeps it in perfect working conditions.

OPERATION: LiveLink helps you maintain your machine health and manage your fleet better by alerting you of any variation in health indicators. It lets you know in real time if your machine is facing a problem or needs any quick check-up.

SECURITY: LiveLink helps you to keep a track of your machine’s location, protection and movement.

Designed with a promise to deliver way beyond than you are used to, the new 432ZX PLUS Wheeled Loader offers greater fuel-efficiency, 24x7 LiveLink connectivity and higher uptime, making way for savings of Rs 4.06 lacs/year.

  • Lower maintenance cost of approx. Rs 103/hr.
  • Hydraulic oil change period of 2000 hrs.
  • Fully hydraulic dual circuit braking with multiple oil immersed disk; gives braking system virtually maintenance free life span.
  • Q-amp steering for better steering comfort.
  • Excellent all around visibility (3 piece laminated front glass).
  • Servo controlled hydraulics for effortless hydraulic operation with detente feature.
  • Well ventilated spacious cabin with sliding windows.
  • Comfortable operator seat with adjustable steering
  • Air conditioning (Optional)
  • Standard bucket size of 2.2 cu.m. (Crusher Application) and 3.4 cu.m. (Coal Application). JCB is the first in industry to give these buckets as standard.
  • Engine: Cummins 6BTAA5.9C, Engine power: 150 hp, Engine peak torque: 650 nm @ 1500 RPM.
  • High lift loader arm, ability to dump at the center of the wagon to help even material spread.
  • Z-bar linkage for high breakout force (121kN).
  • Productive drive train: 4-speed transmission with torque convertor & limited slip differential; providing closer ratios for better acceleration, hill climbing and road performance.
JCB 432ZX Wheeled Loaders Kathmandu
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